Dear Friends,

I want to share my thanks for your support. When I announced my campaign for Congress, I knew it would be an uphill battle. But together, we led the debate in the first district in Rhode Island and made waves across the country. We pushed my opponents hard and fast to call for an immediate end to the wars and to bring the troops home now. Together we fought to get corporate money out of politics- and with your support built an alternate model- with thousands of people giving our campaign low dollar donations. We raised the bar on what an elected official's role can be in campaigns for worker's rights and as a voice for all working people.

I am so proud of what we accomplished together. Fueled by the energy and enthusiasm of our local and national volunteer base, we built a powerful grassroots field campaign. We talked to tens of thousands of people across the district about the overwhelming power of corporations in our government- and the need to elect leaders who will fight to take back our democracy. We built a powerful organization and a new generation of organizers who are ready to stand up and take on the next fight.

This was a tremendous victory, but it’s not over.

We need to keep the pressure on: to organize to bring the troops home now. Here in Rhode Island we need to bring our base together to focus on winning justice for the Westin Hotel workers and to take on other local economic justice fights. We need to organize to get Washington to focus on ordinary people- not simply do the bidding of corporations and Wall Street. Our state and our country urgently need to change our energy policy- to focus on a green energy economy that can put Americans back to work and stand up for our environment. And we need to keep working to reclaim our democracy – with campaign finance changes that allow the voices of our communities to rise above big corporations and the very wealthy.

I am so proud to have had your support over the last four months, and I know that together we will keep up the fight.

With my sincere thanks,

David Segal